MyDraw v1.0 Official Release

Jun 16, 2017 - MyDraw Diagramming Software v1.0 official release

My Draw Official Release
MyDraw Diagramming Software for Windows and Mac v1.0 has been officially released and is now available for download!

We're happy to announce the official release of MyDraw for Windows and Mac version 1.0.

MyDraw is an advanced diagramming software and vector graphics drawing tool which can help you create flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, UML diagrams and general business diagrams.

The powerful diagramming features of MyDraw makes it a great Microsoft Visio® alternative.

We are providing a fully-functional 30-day trial for Windows and macOS. MyDraw also carries a 30-day money back guarantee when purchased directly from the website.
Here's a more detailed description of the features you'll find in MyDraw v1.0:
Identical under Windows and Mac Small

Identical experience under Windows and Mac OS X

We understand that in modern days people can't limit themselves to a single operating systems. Minimizing the differences in visual appearance and user experience across devices is crucial. This is why we've made sure that MyDraw is absolutely identical under Windows and Mac in terms of both - looks and functionality.
Visio Import Small

Microsoft Visio® Drawing Import and Export

The advanced Visio® Drawing Import and Export (VSDX Import/Export) of MyDraw will allow you to easily convert your Visio diagrams and work with them in Apple macOS and Windows Operating Systems. MyDraw also provides support for Visio®-like "smart" shapes - dynamic diagram shapes based on formulas. With its exceptional and unique features, MyDraw is even better than Visio®.
Unlimited Shapes Small

Diagram shapes and symbols

MyDraw comes with a large set of predefined shapes which you can directly drag and drop into your drawings. The shapes are divided in different libraries based on their purpose of usage. You can create your own custom shapes, arrange them in libraries and reuse them within your diagrams.

MyDraw also provides support for Visio-like "smart" shapes - dynamic diagram shapes based on formulas.
Thousands of Diagram Templates

Ready-made templates

MyDraw includes many ready-to-use templates for flowcharts, organizational charts, flyers, certificates & business cards, and various diagram types. You can easily get started by editing existing diagram templates and making your own.
Powerful Shape Editing Features Small

Powerful drawing tools

MyDraw comes with a large set of drawing tools which help you easily create any shape you need and style it to match your company's corporate identity or your personal demands. You can freely draw shapes using the Nurbs tool, or use the composing functions (Union, Intersect, Subtract, and Exclusive Or) to create new shapes from the basic ones.

Additionally, you can combine simple shapes into groups and create advanced complex shapes. Save them in your own library for future reuse and edit them at any time.
Export Formats My Draw

Advanced printing and export options

With MyDraw you can directly print your diagrams - users have full control over the page properties, page margins and print layout. You can also export your diagrams to images (PNG, JPEG, and BMP), or PDF and SVG vector files in just a few clicks.
Automatic Layout Small

Automatic diagram layouts

MyDraw comes with lots of Automatic Layouts to help you quickly arrange your diagrams. Whether your diagram is large or small, you can have it perfectly layouted with just a few clicks. Each layout type provides many additional options, allowing you to customize the layout to your specific requirements.
Powerful Rich Text Features Small

Powerful rich text support

With the advanced text formatting features in MyDraw, you will be able to make your diagrams outstanding. You have control over the text font, text styles, paragraph alignment, bullets and numbering, etc.
Free Support with My Draw

MyDraw free support

MyDraw provides free support for registered and trial users. You have access to help documentation, online resources, community forum and hundreds of ready-to-use examples. Our technical team is also happy to assist MyDraw users via e-mail directly.

Expect even more ...

Our team is constantly working to develop new diagram shapes, new features and functionality - that is why you can expect from MyDraw even more.

With the official release of MyDraw v1.0 you can also enjoy features like:
  • Spell check and proofing languages
  • ESRI shapefile import for drawing maps
  • Barcode drawing
  • User interface localization
  • GEDCOM format family trees
  • ESRI shapefile import
  • Built-in mail merge functionality
Free trial

30-days fully functional trial

MyDraw is absolutely free for 1 month without any limitation in functionality. You can test every aspect of it and save your diagrams to PDF, high resolution images for printing.

Free Download
My Draw 3 0 day guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

We are confident in the quality of MyDraw and our support services. That is why, except for the 30-day trial, MyDraw carries a 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase directly from the website.