Flowchart Diagram

Flowchart Diagram

Flowcharts help you clearly illustrate processes from beginning to end. The many flowchart symbols create visual clarity, thus allowing the viewers to follow through the stages of a process easier and without experiencing complications.

Simple Flowchart

What are flowcharts used for?

When a process needs to be described stage by stage, flowcharts come in quite handy. Let's say that instructions need to be given to a number of phone operators, working in call center. They need to know exactly how to handle every incoming phone call and how to direct the received information. Explaining the steps to 200 employees would be an unbearable task. Creating a flowchart, however, which shows the steps visually and in a logical order can be handed to the operators to help them follow through with ease.

This is only one example of the many uses of flowchart diagrams. Drawn on hand in the past, today flowcharts are mostly created with diagramming software such as MyDraw.

Understanding flowcharts

Generally flowcharts are used to display a process in all of its stages. To further ease understanding, flowcharts use a number of shapes (also called icons or symbols) which help you understand each step of the process even without reading the description. Those shapes serve various functions, such as indicating when it's time to take a decision, when information should be filed or added to a database; when a process is terminated, etc. To learn more about the meaning of each shapes, take a look here.

Types of flowcharts

Flowcharts are nowadays used across many industries, serving different purposes. Here are some examples of the modern day’s use of flowcharting:
  • Data Flowchart - the type of flowchart showing the processing of data within a system or organization.
  • Workflow Flowchart - the structure of a business or a process within an organization, allowing the viewer (user) to follow through each stage of document processing.
  • Process Flowchart - the most general type of flowchart, used for various processes such as administrative, service, manufacturing, or basically anything which has a beginning and an end.
  • Cross-Functional Flowchart - another process flowchart which is split in several stages (cross-functions), thus allowing the visual representation to be separated via departments or another more general criteria.

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