Mind Map Diagram

Mind Map Diagram

Mind Maps are perhaps the easiest and most effective way of taking notes and / or developing an idea without missing out on any important information that needs to be included. It literally allows you to create a map of your mind and thinking process and see it as a whole - a point of view you cannot possibly have just imagining a plan.

What are mind maps used for?

Mind Maps are used to visually organize information and are one of the diagrams with the longest use record in human history. Mind Maps serve as an organizer for the thinking process, allowing people to freely visualize an idea and all links related to it. Their structure is rather simple: the main idea stands in the center and each and every aspect of it is linked in no specific order.

Understanding mind maps

Mind Maps are literally the most creative types of diagrams, where absolutely any symbol or shape is acceptable. Many mind maps include emoji, freely written text, drawings, pictures, etc. Moreover, mind maps were initially drawn on hand, and in many occasions they still are.

Types of mind maps

Mind Maps are widely used across many industries, serving different purposes. Here are some examples of the main types of Mind Maps:

1. Reference Mind Map

The reference mind map is used for keeping track of information quick and easy.
Reference mind map

2. Presentation Mind Map

The presentation mind map is used as an alternative to slide presentations when the entire information needs to be available at all times.
Presentation mind map

3. Project Mind Map

The project mind maps are used for creating plans and solving problems.
Project mind map

How to create a Mind Map