Network Diagram

Network Diagram

In the 21st century, most work is done via computers and machines. The large administration offices where people used to work mainly with paper-printed documents and written data are now replaced by digital libraries and laptops. Instead of having storage rooms, nowadays we have servers and virtual storage. Moreover, today people who work together as a team can be physically miles away from each other, yet that won’t be a problem. Their working machines can be connected to a computer network, allowing them to collaborate. This is where Network Diagrams come in handy. Whether large or small the organization, there is always a need to visualize the connection between the servers and the computers, as well as the various access levels.

Basic Firewall Network Diagram

What are Network diagrams used for?

Network Diagrams provide a visual representation of the virtual reality of any network. Every kind of network can be easily illustrated, showing clearly all users. Network diagrams also serve to show the exact type of connection they have with the rest of the machines in the network, as well as the data storage units.

Network Diagram Topology

When it comes to networks there are several different main topologies which differ mainly by the manner of connecting:
Fully connected network

Fully Connected Network

Ring network topology

Ring Network Topology

Mesh network topology

Mesh Network Topology

Star network topology

Star Network Topology

Common bus topology

Common Bus Topology

Network Diagrams can also help when needed to detect an issue in the network hierarchy. By being able to see the exact topology of connections used for building the network and all the machines connected in it, one can track down the problem much easier.

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