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I've lost my work AGAIN!!

By [0] - 5/4/2018

Good afternoon

I have spent most of my afternoon creating a relatively simple schematic to show the flow of data through various PLC's, Loggers, Databases, etc.

When saving, I have been randomly getting '(Load from Stream Failed, Error Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)' errors, and MyDraw exits immediately.

When this error occurs, it saves my document as a blank 'zero bytes' file. I have been able to restart the software and recover from an autosaved document (several times), but on the last error, there was no autosave file, and it has wiped my document.

I swore a lot, got over it, and started again... and it has just happened again!!

Why is this happening, what am I doing that couple possibly cause this buggy error?

By MyDraw Support - 5/8/2018

Hello Matt,
Can you please let us know if you are working on Windows or Mac OS and if you are using the latest version of MyDraw.
Also, please provide details about the problem you are experiencing - what is the format you use when saving your drawings? We would recommend that you save your drawings as NDX files. If you can send us some of the problematic diagrams (make sure to send NDX which are not 0 bytes), we will be able to analyze them and check for specific issues.