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crop a bitmap

By Tom Van den Eynde - 1/2/2018

I was wondering if it is possible to crop a bitmap picture imported in mydraw. I used to do this in Visio but don't seem to be able to do it in Mydraw.


By MyDraw Support - 1/3/2018


In the upcoming versions we are going to introduce a new shape part - image block. The image block will provide support for cropping. Both the image block and text block of a shape will be user editable (size, rotation, position relative to owner shape). The image block will support all popular raster formats (.png, .jpg, bmp etc.) but will also support EMF (vector images).
By [0] - 1/29/2018

Yup, I need to be able to do this with JPGs, PNGs, etc.  Why on earth would this not be included with v1, let alone v2?!
By Pamela Johnson - 2/5/2018

I agree this is needed