Development Roadmap

MyDraw Development Roadmap

Find what new features and functionality will be implemented in the upcoming versions of MyDraw. To submit requests for general features in MyDraw, use the Forum General Features Wishlist

Version 3.0 features in development:

1. Table Shape - advanced support for tables
In MyDraw v3.0, users can expect support for inserting tables with the following features:
  • Supports for row and column master cells, cell merge and split
  • Support for text orientation (horizontal, vertical)
  • Support for per cell fill and border
  • Collapsed and expanded cells margins support
  • Support for row and column resizing
  • Support for table columns with percentage, fixed and automatic width
  • In place editing of tables
  • Automatic ports generation (table cell, grid, column or rows only)
  • Collapsible Borders
  • Different table resize modes
  • Support for auto table sizing
  • Find and replace text in tables
  • Multi-range selection of table cells, rows and columns.
2. Image Block Shape Element
The image block element will allow inserting raster and vector images such as Metafiles (EMF, WMF) in MyDraw shapes. The new support for vector images will also improve the Visio stencils import/export functionality.

3. Support for Visio-like Themes
The new support for themes will allow users to quickly change the look of a whole drawing by selecting a theme and a style from the Ribbon menu. MyDraw Themes will help you to quickly and easily apply professional look to your drawings.