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April 2, 2024 - MyDraw v6.0 released

My Draw Version 6 0
We are happy to announce that MyDraw v6.0 has been officially released.

This highly anticipated version brings MyDraw to the Web. The MyDraw for Web version is compatible with all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) allowing you to enjoy the full set of MyDraw features directly in the browser and on any device.

With the introduction of MyDraw for Web, we have also moved to the more standard for web applications subscription-based licensing model. For more information about the new licensing model, take a look at our updated License Agreement.

Following is a summary of the MyDraw v6.0 new features and improvements:
My Draw for Web

MyDraw for Web

MyDraw is now available in a Web version. By using Nevron Software’s proprietary technology for cross-platform software development, MyDraw for Web is by far the most advanced diagramming solution available inside the browser today. What is more - it is almost 100% identical in features and capabilities to the native MyDraw for Windows and MyDraw for Mac versions. You can test drive the MyDraw for Web here.
Rich Text

Rich Text Improvements

  • Character and Word Spacing - MyDraw supports controllable character and word spacing which can be applied to blocks, and individual inlines. This allows you to have better control over text layout similar to the one found in professional desktop publishing systems.
  • Copy/Paste Improvements of DOCX/RTF format - MyDraw now imports/exports paragraph and inline rule background and highlight fill styles. Improved import of DOCX lists, and other DOCX compatibility improvements and bug fixes.
  • Fixed problems with paragraph line trimming, spell-checking, text layout, and others.
User Interface

User Interface Improvements

  • New Windows 11 Theme – a new theme that mimics the visual appearance of the Windows 11 user elements is now available.
  • Improved color picker dialog – the opacity slider has been improved to provide visual feedback for the currently selected color opacity. Additionally, the user can also specify a percentage value for the opacity.

Improved SVG Support

  • SVG Images - Users can now insert SVG images in the diagram and shape texts. SVG images can also be applied as image filling of shapes.
  • Improved Drawing SVG Export - We have improved the export of gradient fillings, as well as the export of raster images that are embedded in the SVG. The performance of the SVG export was also optimized.
Visio Compatibility

Improved Microsoft Visio Compatibility

  • Improved Microsoft Visio Import-Export of VSDX (Drawings) and VSSX (Stencils) formats - We have improved the Microsoft Visio Drawings (VSDX files) and Stencils (VSSX files) import and export with support for shape protections. Invisible Nevron shapes are also no longer exported to Visio.
  • Improved import of Microsoft Visio 2003-2010 VSD (Drawings) and VSX (Stencils) formats - We have completely rewritten the Visio 2003-2010 import, which is now faster and more accurate than the old one. MyDraw for Mac now imports Visio 2003-2010 Drawings and Stencils locally without the need to contact a remote server.
Family Tree Icon

Improved Family Tree diagrams

Persons are now ordered by birth date and relationships - by marriage date.

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