MyDraw Shapes and Connectors

Shapes and Libraries

In MyDraw shapes are the primary building blocks of diagrams. Shapes are organized in libraries – for example, flowcharting shapes, networking shapes, etc. Adding shapes to your drawing is easy – just drag and drop them on the drawing page. Shapes in MyDraw have many advanced features including:

Intelligent Geometry

Intelligent Geometry
Many MyDraw shapes have control points that allow the user to visually modify their geometry by simply dragging their control points. This makes it possible to further customize specific shapes according to your needs. If you are familiar with Microsoft Visio® “smart-shapes” you will be happy to see many “smart shapes” in MyDraw.

Images in Shapes

Images in Shape
You can embed raster and vector images in MyDraw shapes. We support many types of raster image formats, such as (BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.). Furthermore, we support the embedding of vector images in WMF and EMF format, which is a truly unique feature of MyDraw. Embedded vector images do not lose quality when printed, zoomed, or used for the generation of high-quality raster images.

Shapes Connections

Shape Connections
You can glue the end-points of 1D shapes(lines, arrows, routable connectors, etc.) to connection points and geometries of other shapes. This makes it possible to visually create advanced drawings that represent complex relations, graphs, and hierarchies.

Routable Connectors

Routable Connections
MyDraw features routable connectors that automatically reshape themselves to represent the shortest horizontally-vertical path between their end-points that does not cross any other shape and makes a less number of bends. This makes it possible to quickly create great diagrams with perfect-looking connectors.

Shape Libraries

Shape Libraries
In MyDraw shapes are organized in libraries (stencils). You can choose which libraries are visible in the library browser, create new libraries, and search libraries for shapes with specific names. Furthermore, you can change between several view styles that allow you to see library shapes with more or less detail. MyDraw comes with a large set of shape libraries that you can explore here. We are also constantly adding new libraries and improving the existing ones.