MyDraw Rich Text and Tables

Rich Text and Tables

MyDraw has very feature-rich text processing support. The build-in rich text editor allows for the smooth and easy creation of beautifully styled diagrams with exceptional text rendering quality and features.
Following is a list of the features supported by the rich text boxes and tables in MyDraw:

Character formatting

Character Formatting
MyDraw provides perhaps the most advanced text formatting features. The text can be decorated with several fill styles including standard linear and radial gradients, images, and hatch with various transparency levels. The border of the text can be styled completely independently of the characters with just as many variations. For each character range you can modify the following attributes:
  • Font style: Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough
  • Font name: use any font you have installed on your machine
  • Font size
  • Superscript / Subscript
  • Text Fill: solid color, gradient, hatch, image (transparency applicable everywhere)
  • Highlight fill and background fill
  • Marks visibility: controllable visibility of special characters (page breaks, line breaks, etc.)

Paragraph formatting

Paragraph Formatting
In MyDraw each text box can contain multiple paragraphs. The following are the properties that can apply to each paragraph.
  • Line indentation: the first-line indent, hanging indent
  • Alignment: Left, Right, Center, Justify
  • Line height control
  • RTL: the right to left language support (Arabic and Hebrew)

Table Support

Table Support
MyDraw provides extensive support for tables - you can nest tables, split and merge table cells, insert and remove rows, apply borders, and much more. Also, you can embed tables inside rich text or use them as a regular shape (with the possibility of anchors connectors). MyDraw table support includes the following:
  • Row and column master cells (cells that span two or more columns or rows), cell merge and split
  • Support for per cell text orientation (horizontal, vertical)
  • Support for per cell fill and border
  • Collapsed and expanded cells margins support
  • Support for row and column resizing using the mouse
  • Support for table columns with percentage, fixed, and automatic width
  • Collapsible Borders
  • Support for auto table sizing
  • Multi-range selection of table cells, rows, and columns
  • Nested tables: tables can be nested in each other

Group blocks

Group Blocks
The Group Block feature allows you to group several paragraphs, tables or other groups blocks and then apply margins, padding, border, and background fill to the whole group.

Bullets and numbering

Bullets and Numbering
MyDraw supports numbered bulleted and mixed multilevel lists. Following are the supported features for bullets:
  • Bullet numbering: Arabic, Roman, Alphabetic, Symbol, Cardinal, Ordinal
  • Multi-level bullets list: bullet lists can be nested in each other to produce bullets such as (2.1, 2.1.1, etc.)
  • Bullet tabs: tabs can follow the bullet list item to produce equally indented text in the paragraph
  • Counters: bullet lists can use a custom or automatically assigned bullet counter
  • Templates: bullet lists can specify a bullet list template that governs how bullets are created and formatted

Supported Image formats

Supported Image Formats
MyDraw supports inserting JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, Animated, GIF, EMF, and WMF images directly inside the edited text or table:
  • EMF and WMF image formats retain scalability when printed or exported to vector formats (PDF)


MyDraw includes a Spell Checker which is compatible with Open Office dictionaries. The spellchecker performs fast and accurate spell checking as you write. You can also right-click on a spelling mistake and show a context menu with suggested correct word replacements.