MyDraw Printing and PDF

Printing and PDF

MyDraw features impressive printing and PDF export capabilities. This makes it possible to use MyDraw for versatile printing tasks, such as the generation of flyers, brochures, menus, invitation cards, etc. Printing features include:

Print Preview

Print Preview
MyDraw allows you to preview the printed result of your drawing, before actually printing it. The print preview is identical for both printing and PDF export.

Print Layout

Print Layout
MyDraw has many settings that can help you arrange your drawing relative to the page or pages on which it is going to be printed. This includes options for alignment, zooming, and fitting to a user-defined grid of pages.

Page Breaks

Page Break
MyDraw can show page breaks in both the print preview and directly inside the drawing view. This makes it possible to easily see the printable page on which specific portions of the drawing will be printed.

Non-printable shapes

Non Printable Shapes
In MyDraw you can prevent certain shapes from being printed. This allows you to have shapes that are only visible while you design the printed content.