MyDraw Image Generation

Image Generation

You can use MyDraw to easily create vector and high-quality raster images from your drawings. MyDraw image generation features include:

Image Preview

Image Preview
When generating a vector or raster image, MyDraw lets you see a preview of the image that is going to be generated.

Vector image export (SVG, EMF, and DXF)

Vector Image Export
MyDraw supports export to continuous vector media formats, such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format), and DXF (Drawing eXchange Format – used by AutoCAD). Vector images do not lose quality when scaled, which makes them preferable for any content that needs to be printed or displayed on high-resolution displays.

Raster image export (BMP, PNG, etc.)

Raster Image Export
MyDraw supports export to continuous raster media formats, such as PNG, JPG, TIF, and BMP. Export options include control over the DPI of the generated image, thus allowing you to create high-quality snapshots of your work.

Non-exportable shapes

Non Exportable Shapes
In MyDraw you can prevent certain shapes from being displayed in the generated image. This allows you to have shapes that are only visible while you design the image.