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12 Months

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  • $3 per month
  • Billed at every 12 months
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3 Months

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  • $6 per month
  • Billed at every 3 months
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Licensing Information

Following is more information about the MyDraw licensing.
  • MyDraw Subscription allows you to use MyDraw for a specific period of time. After that period of time elapses, the subscription must be renewed to continue using MyDraw.
  • MyDraw has 3 versions:
    1. MyDraw for Web – allows you to run MyDraw directly in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safary etc.).
    2. MyDraw for Windows – a native application for Windows, that allows you to use MyDraw on a Windows comptuter.
    3. MyDraw for Mac – a native application for macOS, that allows you to use MyDraw on a macOS comptuter.
  • MyDraw Session is every running instance of any of the MyDraw versions. For example: a running instance of MyDraw for Windows counts as one MyDraw Session, MyDraw for Web running in a browser tab also counts as 1 MyDraw Session).
  • Each MyDraw Subscription allows for up to 3 simultaneous MyDraw Sessions.

If you have questions regarding the MyDraw licensing, please do not hesitate to contact the MyDraw Sales Team.

You can also take a look at the complete MyDraw End-User License Agreement.