MyDraw User Interface

MyDraw User Interface Features

MyDraw features an advanced user interface that makes it easy for you to get started and work with it. MyDraw is also cross-platform, with versions for Windows and macOS and has been designed to be similar to other Microsoft Office® products.

MyDraw works on Windows and macOS

My Draw Windows Mac
MyDraw is a cross-platform software that works as a native application under Windows and macOS operating systems. Native applications have many advantages over applications running in the browser including better performance, better user experience, and better productivity.

We are also providing a free MyDraw Web Viewer, that you can use to view MyDraw drawings online.

Soon, MyDraw is also expected to run under Linux and inside the browser. MyDraw also has a version for Silverlight, so if you are interested in using it on your intranet, please do not hesitate contact us.

Know Microsoft Office®? Then you know MyDraw.

Microsoft Office
MyDraw has a familiar user interface, inspired by Microsoft Office®, that features a Ribbon commanding interface. This ensures that even novice users can quickly get around MyDraw functionality.

Users that are familiar with Microsoft Visio® will be pleased to see that MyDraw features a library browser, pan-and-zoom window, sidebar panel , and a similar Microsoft Visio® commands arrangement. In this way, Microsoft Visio® users can quickly migrate to MyDraw, and leverage their existing knowledge in the Microsoft Visio® user interface.

MyDraw speaks your language

My Draw Speaks Your Language
You can switch the user interface of MyDraw to your preferred language. Currently, MyDraw supports the following languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian
The MyDraw localization is a community effort in which you can also participate. Please contact us if you are interested in localizing MyDraw to a specific language or want to improve an existing language dictionary.

MyDraw skins to match your style

My Draw Skins
In MyDraw you can choose between several user interface themes, that are available to both Windows and macOS users.

This makes it possible to have the same user experience regardless of the operating system that you use and to also change the entire application UI according to your preference.