Free MyDraw and Microsoft Visio Viewer

Free MyDraw and Microsoft Visio Viewer Online

The free MyDraw and Microsoft Visio Viewer is a free web application, which helps you open and view drawings created with MyDraw or Microsoft Visio (in .vsdx and .vsd format) directly in the browser (online). You can also use it to open and view AutoCAD (.dxf) files, ESRI map files (.shp), and GEDCOM files (.ged) completely free.

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Why MyDraw Viewer?

While alternative viewers may exist for Microsoft Visio, ESRI maps, Autocad, and GEDCOM files, the MyDraw Viewer offers several significant advantages:


The MyDraw Viewer ensures security by processing files locally, eliminating the need for uploads to remote servers. This ensures that your documents stay secure at all times.



The MyDraw Viewer offers precise import capabilities for different formats, with regular updates to support new features and rigorous testing by a large user base, ensuring reliable performance.

Offline Access

Offline Access

Enjoy the convenience of accessing files offline with the MyDraw Viewer, providing flexibility and accessibility wherever you are.



Experience lightning-fast performance with MyDraw Viewer. It operates directly on your local machine, bypassing network speeds and server loads. Even large files load instantly, boosting productivity.



MyDraw Viewer, a browser-based solution, offers accessibility across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Seamlessly access documents on different devices, enhancing workflow efficiency.


Completely Free

MyDraw Viewer is completely free, without ads or mandatory logins. Access files seamlessly, without hidden costs or privacy compromises.

By choosing the MyDraw Viewer, you not only ensure the security of your documents but also gain unparalleled accuracy, offline accessibility, and blazing-fast performance.

Supported File Formats

The following table outlines the file formats which can be opened by the viewer:

Used By
.ndbMyDrawBinary file format for MyDraw drawings
.ndxMyDrawXML file format for MyDraw drawings
.ndtxMyDrawXML file format for MyDraw templates
.vsdxMicrosoft VisioXML file format for Microsoft Visio drawings
.vsdMicrosoft VisioBinary file format for Microsoft Visio drawings
.dxfAutodesk AutoCADBinary file format used in AutoCAD
.shpESRIThe shapefile format is a geospatial vector data format for geographic information systems (GIS)
.gedFamily SearchGEDCOM, complete name FamilySearch GEDCOM, is an open file format specification to store genealogical data. GEDCOM is an acronym of Genealogical Data Communication

What Else Can I Do?

Besides opening and viewing files from the above-listed formats, you can also Print and Export the content of those files to the following formats:

PrintUse the viewer to print the drawing directly from the browser
Export to PDFCreate high-quality PDF (vector format) from the file contents
Export to Raster ImageCreate high-quality raster images in .PNG, .JPG or .BMP file format
Export to SVGCreate an high-quality SVG (vector format) from the file contents
Export to EMFCreate an high-quality EMF (vector format) from the file contents
Export to DXFCreate an high-quality DXF (vector format) from the file contents

If you want to also edit the content of the supported file formats, you can consider buying a MyDraw Subscription.