Diagram Automation

Diagram Automation

MyDraw has automation and extension capabilities that allow developers and power users to extend MyDraw’s functionality through expressions, as well as, embed its functionality in . NET-based applications. This unique feature allows you to make smart shapes, as well as, intelligent and automatic diagrams that cannot be achieved otherwise through the designer interface.

Developer Mode

Dev Mode
MyDraw allows users to switch it to Developer Mode. In this mode, users can assign expressions to individual properties. This allows them to embed custom logic in the documents and create smart shapes whose appearance, geometry, and behavior depend on different properties, settings, or user interactions.

Expressionin My Draw

For example, many smart shapes in MyDraw have one or more yellow control points, which users can drag to change the shape’s geometry. The image below shows how the geometry commands of the “Six Point Star” shape of MyDraw’s “Basic Shapes” library are made dependent on the yellow control point of the shape via expressions. When the user drags the yellow control point, the geometry of the shape also changes, because its geometry commands depend on the position of the control point.

.NET Component Library

Code Example in My Draw
All of MyDraw’s functionality can be accessed and automated from any C# and VB.NET-based application in the form of a . NET-based component library. This allows you to embed MyDraw in various types of .NET applications that run on ASP.NET, Blazor, WinForms, Wpf, and Xamarin.Mac. The diagramming functionality available to developers also comes with complete documentation as well as numerous examples with source code showing how to automate the diagram with C# or VB.NET code.

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