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Welcome to an exclusive offer brought to you by MyDraw and ComputerBuild, designed to empower your creativity and productivity. As a valued reader of ComputerBuild, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy a free one-year subscription to MyDraw — our powerful drawing and diagramming software. This offer is our way of saying thank you for your support and for being part of the ComputerBuild community.

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About ComputerBuild

ComputerBuild is Germany's premier PC magazine, offering in-depth reviews, expert advice, and the latest news in the world of computing. For years, ComputerBuild has been the go-to resource for tech enthusiasts and professionals seeking reliable information and insightful commentary. We are proud to collaborate with ComputerBuild to bring you this special offer, enhancing your digital toolkit with the best in diagramming software.

About MyDraw

MyDraw is a versatile and user-friendly diagramming software that caters to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you are creating flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, network diagrams, or floor plans, MyDraw provides the tools you need to visualize your ideas and bring your projects to life. Our software is designed to be intuitive yet powerful, ensuring that you can focus on your creativity without getting bogged down by complexity.