How to make a Mind Map

How to Make a Mind Map

Mind mapping is a form of diagraming which enjoys great popularity. Its main goal is to allow you to freely develop your idea before engaging in an execution plan and explore in-depth all the options your mind can generate. Initially mind maps were created by hand and while you can still draw yours on a piece of paper, modern software such as MyDraw allow you to use technology and create your mind map faster and clearer.

What do you need to create a mind map?

  • An idea;
  • Some free time;
  • A surrounding which allows you to focus;
  • MyDraw for Windows or Mac

Creating a mind map step by step

Step 1: What's your idea/concept/goal?

To create a mind map you need to have an idea, a concept, or a goal for which you will explore the options. Naturally, the idea can be just about anything: a business idea, a holiday idea, how to be more healthy, etc. For this example, we'll say that the goal is to make more money.

We'll start by placing the goal in the middle of the center of the page - this will allow more freedom to your mind to explore the possibilities for accomplishing that goal.

How to Make AMind Map 1

Step 2: Explore the immediate options

Now that we have the main goal in place we can continue by exploring the immediate options. Write down anything that comes to mind - it's easy to remove an opportunity, but why not explore it first? In this case, we will look for opportunities within the current place of employment, the option to start a business, an online store, or begin a freelance practice. Any possibility that comes to mind, write it down.

We suggest you use different colors and add images to stimulate your brain. The mind map is not a usual diagram - it's not supposed to be stylish or well-organized. Since its goal is to lay down on "paper" your mental process as you're developing an idea you can create it as colorful and as messy as it may be.

How to Make AMind Map 2

Step 3: Start exploring each opportunity

Now that we've established the basic possibilities, we can look at each one in more depth. If one of the options is to look for possibilities at the current place of employment, several options come to mind: to ask for a raise, to undertake more responsibilities, to ask for a promotion, or to request a transfer to another department.

If the option to start a business is to be explored, then what are the possible businesses you would start? Here we've listed opening a bar and opening a coffee shop, but it can be anything you consider a suitable business for yourself.

How to Make AMind Map 3

Step 4: Dive in-depth

After all, options are mentioned, it's time to dive in-depth. What would you need to make each idea happen? What would you have to sacrifice? This is the time to put each thought down. Go as detailed as the most minor details: if you are into sky diving and a personal business would limit your time to practice your hobby - write it down. If, on the practice side, it will help your social life - write this down as well.

How to Make AMind Map 4


  • Use colors, drawings, and symbols copiously- be as visual as you can.
  • Keep the topics labels as short as possible- a single word – or, better yet, to only a picture.
  • Vary text size, color, and alignment. Vary the thickness and length of the lines- provide as many visual cues as you can to emphasize the important points.