How to organize a Timeline?

How-To guide

  • Research your topic- gather information on your chosen or assigned topic, make a list of events to include.
  • Create a framework- draw your timeline, decide how you will present your events, select your time increments and put the most important dates on the timeline.
  • Filling in Your Timeline- give your project a title, add details and important information about each event, write clearly and concisely.
Road Map
Project Schedule

Types of Timeline

  • Vertical Bar Chart Timeline
  • Chronology Chart
  • Static Timeline
  • Interactive Timeline

Business Plan

Timeline diagrams and charts to create in MyDraw:

  • Work schedule
  • Event schedule
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Customer journey
  • Business growth
  • Business plan implementation
  • Company history
  • Roadmap
  • Action plan