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QUOTE MyDraw is an excellent diagramming software at a VERY affordable price. The team behind this Software is very HANDS-ON and they know what means After Sales Services, they have been helping me while I was using the software and I appreciate their quick answer, their FREE Call back system and assistance.

I really do recommend it, it is a GREAT Value for Money Software.

Abdelkader Benbourek
QUOTE MyDraw is terrific! The purchase process was easy to navigate and the software is easy to use!
  • Perpetual license
  • Use templates or free drawing
  • Integration with mainstream software programs (e.g., MS Word, Visio, etc.)

Akshay Rajaram
QUOTE Affordable, full-featured Visio alternative.

It was very easy to pick up and start making charts. It has everything I need from a Visio-like program at a fraction of the cost.

Fulfilled my need for chart making at a fraction of the cost of Visio.

Alastair Jones
QUOTE Viable alternative for Visio if you're using a Mac.

MyDraw is available for Mac. The cost is excellent - especially compared to Visio. The feature set is very good for a product with this price point.

Bill Ramsay
QUOTE MyDraw works well as a Mac solution for drawings and for sharing PC created Visio assets. Workflows are productive and can in some cases be more efficient than initial appearances.

Native Mac operation is probably the single biggest point; no need to run a VM to work on drawings.

Support was friendly and willing to listen and improved the overall perception of the product. I was able to create both simple and layered designs and leverage investment from PC platform without having to run through extra steps and system modifications.

Carla Flores
QUOTE MyDraw is awesome and very versatile. Thank You for supporting older versions of MAC OS X. Here is my brief opinion about the program:
  • the program supports multiple languages;
  • the program has an intuitive interface, a large number of ready-made templates and a variety of icons that really save time when creating schemas;
  • a big plus of the program is that it supports older versions of Operation systems (Windows and Mac OS X), now it is a rarity;
  • there is a possibility to save the created document in multiple formats;
  • the program is universal and can be applied in various fields;

Kate Luchinski
QUOTE As a MAC user, I use MyDraw which provides more than enough process flowcharting capabilities.

I especially like the ability to read Visio (vsd) files.

Marc Sachdev, Cisco Systems
QUOTE MyDraw is professional, features laden and affordable flowchart software that is easy to use.

Easy to use and self-contained. A large number of templates and libraries of shapes suitable for both professionals and non-professionals alike. You start with a predefined template or from a blank drawing. From there you have a lot of options to arrange, insert, manipulate, review and mail your flowchart. The interface customization allows for different UI Themes and languages. You can even alternate in between the trendy ribbon and command bars. I personally prefer the clarity of the ribbon look. The finished work can be completely or partially saved in many popular formats such as Visio, AutoCad, GEDCOM, PDF, Raster( like PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF), SVG, HTML and others. MyDraw is responsive, easy to use and it gives me a professional result whether I produce a quick or a more detailed flowchart combining many elements. it is available for Windows and Mac. Highly recommended.

MyDraw is a real-time saver. I am able to quickly create flowcharts for different purposes, ranging from personal to highly professional presentations. I benefited from the ability to export my work in many different formats I work with on a regular basis. The HTML and PDF formats are especially helpful. It is important to me to be able to use predefined shapes and templates along with my own media and to easily edit and combine them into a finished product that really incorporates within the rest of my professional and personal Eco-system.

Zoran Lukic
QUOTE MyDraw software is great if you want to make flow charts and other stuff that requires shapes.

What I like about MyDraw software is the simplicity of using it. I also appreciate the templates offered. It's the best chart software I've seen at that price.

All in one solution for my drawing needs.

Yves Mayer
QUOTE Great software with a lot of features!

I like the ease of integration into my existing thought process and documentation workflow. Becoming acquainted with the software is intuitive, and it has become a very useful tool for me.

MyDraw user
QUOTE I was looking for a Mac alternative to Visio and discovered MyDraw. It worked perfectly!

I like that it has good functionality at a great price. When I changed computers and had a license question, I received an email from a real person! Their customer service is unbelievably good. Any time I've written with a question, I have received a quick, personal reply!

I needed to create a somewhat complex flow chart and would have used Visio, but I now have a Mac, so Visio wasn't an option. Happily, I was able to complete that project (and others since) using this software.

MyDraw for Mac user
QUOTE MyDraw software has been wonderful! Simple to use and easy to learn.

Very simple software to learn along with many templates to allow you to do whatever you may need or want to do. MyDraw is wonderful software and anything from Blank Drawings to Network diagrams are simple to create and it takes so little time to learn that it is.

It is a new software for me that allows me to be so much more productive than before when creating things took so much longer before.

MyDraw user
QUOTE I was happily surprised to be able to use MyDraw both for work, and hobby.

The software was easy to use, the interface simple enough that I was able to finish projects quickly. I gladly shared how easy the program was to use with friends.

MyDraw made both my school work and my hobbies easier.

Andrew Larkin
QUOTE MyDraw is very easy to use.

This chart designer is very easy to use, even though it offers really professional options. Already the diagram templates should be enough in most cases to begin immediately with the insertion of the pictures and dates. If you prefer to create your own diagram, you can do it in a very short time thanks to the very clear interface. By dragging and dropping, you can drag all sorts of shape templates, of which there are plenty, onto the surface, insert text or graphics, and Let's go to the next field. Even animation forms are available. This allows you to post its results in many different formats like e.g. storing all common image formats and html documents, there are many possibilities for the result, e.g. also to install in a homepage. For me, this program is definitely recommended!

The easiest way I know to create a pedigree.

Berndt Rabe
QUOTE As a test, I installed the latest MyDraw version. I am surprised about all possibilities one has, and how easy it is to work with MyDraw.

A first good test was to see how MyDraw handled an import of a GedCom file. Amazing how quick the import was ready and to see the result. In addition, it is very easy to make adjustments, for example dynamically move/add/delete items. Further, I did some tests with other present wizards, and there are a lot of them. Again, I am surprised how easy it is to work with the program.

This means that I am very happy with the program and that I am looking forward to use it for every drawing/schematic I need to make.

Bob Loeffen
QUOTE I enjoy the way MyDraw can allow me to do multiple tasks - Flowcharts, Networks, and more.

Easy fast graphics and drawing. File are easy to manipulate and a price that will not break the bank should I decide to upgrade.

Dale Cumiford
QUOTE I always had issues trying to make proper flow charts for others to follow. Flowcharts that not only showed the progression but helped explain it better. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true. So when MyDraw came along, I thought “Oh great, another hyped up app for designing charts etc.”. Boy was I wrong. The flowcharts are very well designed, the applications that can be done inside them such as direction to take and who or what does what is well thot out and the ability to modify the actual image size is a huge bonus. Having images already on the charts is another HUGE help, no more trying to copy/paste/mess it all up, like you have to do in some other apps.

Does not take long at all to design a flowchart with MyDraw, and the results are outstanding. Thanks again MyDraw for making life easier but at same time, explaining the process fully.

Dan ONeill
QUOTE One great thing here is it looks like complicated but it's not. I do my art usually on hands and full of unexpected surprises as BOOM!, especially if you often use templates.

And another great thing lot of choices (SPOILER), you won't be disappointed.

Darrel Tresquio
QUOTE MyDraw is one interesting flow-chart editor.

Very good "geometry" options; library import feature; ribbon user interface; bar-code and Qr code creator; plenty of options in general.

Edo Modun
QUOTE MyDraw is a fully featured software package that should prove invaluable for those who need to produce diagrams and charts for both offline and online use. It contains all the usual drawing tools and chart types and is easy to use with built in help and online support available.

The installation is straightforward with an initial 30 day trial.

Outstanding features are:
- A large range of templates (flowcharts/org charts/network diagrams etc.) are available from either the software itself or from download from the MyDraw web site.
- Diagrams and Charts may be imported from Visio and exported to PDF/PNG/JPG/SVG formats.
- A mail merge facility to import data from ODBC/Excel data sources and then send directly to a list of mail recipients.

Overall, this is a well designed software package and is available at a very fair price for a perpetual licence.

QUOTE Working as a freelance consultant, I use MyDraw in several projects.

The general advantages I can see are:
a) General ease to define processes
b) Value for Money
c) Ease of transfers to other file formats

Ian Grocholski, Senior Consultant
QUOTE For someone like me who needs to have a process down before a project, this tool was invaluable.

I liked the main dashboard. It is very clean and minimalistic. I also love the templates available and how easy it is to get started mapping things out.

MyDraw provides the ability to easily communicate a plan/strategy with my coworkers

Javier Palenzuela
QUOTE I had a little flow chart to do and was glad to be able to test MyDraw and did much more then.

A long time ago I knew Visio and kept quite a bad memory about it. With MyDraw I found some example charts and only had to modify some ! It was so fast to do that I did much more charts than I planned to. For the first time I made a nice network diagram and thrown away my old paper drawing. I saw then that I was able to import Gedcom files to have my own family tree from an online site, a nice use of this backup file. I'm only at the beginning of my use of this soft, there are a lot of tools I didn't used yet. I plan to use it for some internet pages as I can export as html, maybe I will be able to start some Autocad project to with .dxf export. Visio format is there too if I find this soft again ... There is even a mailing function, maybe a good idea for flyers diffusion. I feel like it is a fusion of Visio, Corel Draw and Word, I think I like it.

Jean-Jacques Jollet
QUOTE I have enjoyed using MyDraw since it has many templates to help you get started on creating your design. Then the program has numerous pre designed shapes to help continue with your project.

The titles on the tabs at the top clearly label the different functions inside them, and the layout of tools are placed well, making working on a design very easy.

I like the barcode and QR code creator, it is a nice feature for someone wanting to try them out.

MyDraw has various export options, which give you choices on how to use your creations.

Ken Parker
QUOTE I like MyDraw software. Just because it has templates for these functions, I've loved the program!
  1. Organization chart
  2. Flow chart
  3. Propaganda Manual DM Propaganda ...
There are several reasons to choose MyDraw diagram software:
  1. Cheaper than some of the known professional flowchart software, affordable but functional
  2. There are lot of boards that I can use so that I can finish the flowchart I want very quickly
  3. Also supports multiple languages (very fortunate to have my favorite Chinese)

Leo Hsu
QUOTE An incredibly versatile application that does indeed make working on graphic tasks a true pleasure!

Nowadays there are literally tons of programs and apps that aim at enhancing productivity and making the user's life easier -now HOLD THAT THOUGHT- the question is, is that really so? Well, not really no... Much of the software out there seems very promising on the "spec sheet" but when one looks "under the hood", little substance is actually there and in some situations even if the software is totally sleek, the provided Customer Support often leaves much to be desired! There are a few exceptions though and Nevron developed a gem called MyDraw that is most definitely enhancing productivity and makes the user's life a whole lot easier... All that combined with a superior Customer Service!

Whether you are a professional or you just occasionally work on graphic jobs such as brochures and pamphlets, flyers or newsletters, MyDraw with its intuitive interface is the right instrument to have in your "toolbox".

I frequently compile and edit business flowcharts of different types but last week, while I was enjoying the glare of my desktop late at night, my wife passed by with a nice cup of herbal tea and she discovered that the software I was using happens to include great templates for bar, restaurant and drinks menus and right on the spot she "commissioned" a job for the Valentine party... Creating great looking menus was a breeze with MyDraw!

I truly enjoy working with MyDraw and it gets the job done in a fraction of the time if I were to use alternative utilities.

QUOTE Great tool for drawing diagrams!

MyDraw is a very nice program. Works fast and has tons of options to configure your drawings in every aspect. It satisfies all my diagram drawing needs.

Great alternative of MS Visio at a reasonable price and also works on MAC!

Martina Pavlova, Graphic Designer
QUOTE From the ease of install to the amazing support, you are not going to find a better software.

My company was tasked with creating various floor maps for a major project and MyDraw was beyond perfect for the job. It was very easy to use and any questions I had were answered by the amazing support staff. I am a long-time Visio user but with how amazing MyDraw is, it is my new go-to program!

Melissa Haas
QUOTE Awesome alternate to Visio and it just works!

MyDraw is light and fast, it also comes with built-in icons but you can also import stencil packs too! I can even e-mail my work to another user. MyDraw has just the right amount to not overwhelm you yet allows you to create great charts or anything else you want to visually display.

Michael Lewis
QUOTE MyDraw is a surprisingly powerful program that allows you to do a lot more than you would initially think possible.

If you have the time and the skills, it’s capable of producing highly detailed professional layouts. And with all the templates included it’s possible for any beginner to jump in and accomplish simple projects in a very quick and easy way, making it great for any level of use. The library of premade vectors is also very useful, and for the price it’s a great alternative to other programs.

Nino Pingera
QUOTE Replacing Visio with MyDraw.

Found it easy to replace most of the MS Visio functionality. It comes with a large set of preset templates that cover most uses.

I do not have to buy a subscription to the new MS-Office to keep my software current. This is a viable alternative to their drawing products.

Page Tyler
QUOTE Create Quick and Easy Workflow Diagrams.

I needed MyDraw for creating process and workflow diagrams and it has all the options I was hoping for that I had been unable to locate in other software. Good intuitive interface design and layout makes it easy to dive in and start seeing results quickly. Great range of charting options available.

MyDraw enabled me to document workflow processes in a quick, clean and efficient way.

Paul Nockolds
QUOTE MyDraw made my job a lot easier.

I work with systems analysis and use MyDraw to create my flowcharts, I think he is very competent in what he does, since the day I started using it, I did not feel the need for another tool. I create my own items and reuse them very easily in other projects. I can even put a QR Code with the address where my flowchart is so that it is easily found when it is necessary to edit it.

MyDraw has streamlined my day-to-day work of creating my flowcharts.

Rafael Vermöhlen
QUOTE This is the drawing program I’ve been waiting for - brilliant!

Features are as good or better than many high-end drawing programs. Ribbon interface is intuitive and familiar. Works offline. Simple diagramming or complex technical drawings - it's easy to use and produces great results.

Visio import is accurate, so my existing library of Visio drawings can be used. Support is first class – friendly, helpful and prompt.

Raymond Wright
QUOTE I find MyDraw a great graphic design tool. It has everything you need to create whatever kind of visual idea you might have. It comes with some pre-designed shapes and objects, but you can customise every aspects of them, or simply create your own with the professional tools built within.

The text element comes with many beautiful and interesting font settings. I especially love the gradient color customizable features. You can create some amazing shades and combinations.

With this program, literally the sky is the limit. It's also very user friendly and easy to understand, which cuts the learning curve short.

After trying many other programs to create a logo for my new business, I quickly created one that I found overall satisfying to my vision, it looks beautiful.

This is a program I would definitely recommend.

Rea Hailley
QUOTE It is a good tool for teachers.
  • It's in Microsoft Office style.
  • The price is extraordinary. Just try to buy Visio...
  • It is easy to use.

Remus Stoian
QUOTE MyDraw is easy to use and price just right.

1) The cost is great.
2) There are tons of Flowcharts pre-created and downloadable for this application.

Richard Person
QUOTE Superb package for an unbeatable price.

MyDraw is very complete, offering all necessary tools to make numerous drawings very fast and with minimal effort. The learning curve is also not steep, as many of its features are found in other programs you use daily (word, excel, ..). The supplied templates a fantastic and help you to get going with MyDraw in an easy way. I was able to make professionally looking drawings almost immediately.

Rudi Meylemans
QUOTE An amazing technical drawing application with incredible ease of use at a very affordable price.
  1. Very intuitive to use and low learning curve.
  2. Amazing templates included that can be reused over and over for multiple project types.
  3. Drawings can be saved into various file formats including PDF.
  4. Can be used to draw multiple types of drawings (e.g. flow charts, business processes, family trees, organization hierarchy).
  5. Application cost is so reasonable that it can be purchased by my clients and they can modify the processes on their own as needed.
MyDraw provides ease of use and value for the money. Provided templates saved many hours of work.

Sagi Kolodaro
QUOTE The program is pretty good for creating diagrams or charts and easy to use after some time.

I really like the feature for network diagrams, with its symbols, it is really easy to understand, even if you show the diagram to people who are not too familiar with computers. You can also create flyers or certificates pretty easy, the selection is not too large but it should be enough for most flyers or certificates. I also like that you can create your own chart starting with a blank document.

Simon Oelmaier
QUOTE MyDraw is very easy to use with reasonable price.

There are tons of Flowchart apps on the market today. However if you're looking for a program that's simple, stable and easy to use with reasonable price, MyDraw is your program. You will not get what you paid for with this price on the market.

Simplify work process. Easy to amplify Process.

Suchaow Chansangpetch
QUOTE MyDraw is great software, which combines simplicity in creation of complex diagrams with multiple supported formats (both vector and raster) and a big number of prebuild charts and diagrams.

It is a good alternative to MS Visio or SmartDraw. I was impressed how quick and accurate my complex Visio diagrams were open In MyDraw. I was able to amend my diagram, which was created in MS Visio and export it back into Visio format again.

The library of existing objects and components can save you hours and hours when you start building a diagram from scratch.

The price of the software is highly competitive comparing with Visio and SmartDraw. In term of user-friendly interface, usability and price, I would give the product a rating 10 of 10.

I have been in IT industry for 20 years and I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any big or small company to try. When you try it, you will feel the difference. Big thank you to MyDraw development team. Well done!

Vlad Kanashkevich
QUOTE Huge pre-created library of illustrations, excellent drawing features, easy usage, great support, usable features.

When I purchased the MyDraw license, I didn’t guessed what is the application real power, I think it was just a schema drawing app for low budget, why not. But after few hours of usage, I experienced the knowledge of Visio, the flexibility and many good features of some serious vector drawing applications. The next surprise was the huge library of predefined illustrations. I don’t need to use other sources from the internet for planning my house interior and the network cabling design.

I am a software engineer, and I use MyDraw every week to my job, with absolute satisfaction. This software is value for the money. At the moment I am excited about the new version and the new features. Thank you Nevron!

Zsolt Hajdu from Hungary