How to design a brochure

Designing a brochure is now easier than ever before if you are using MyDraw. Nonetheless, there are still some things you need to decide before you start designing. Follow this guide and you'll find it extremely easy.

What is the size of your brochure?

Whether you want to craft something that will give your designer a better idea of what you're imagining, or you want to design a print-ready brochure, you need to decide what size you'd like it to be. The best way to do that is to grab a piece of A4 paper (regular printer paper) and bend it until it matches the size ideal for you.

MyDraw starts with an A4 size of the drawing area, so you can directly separate it on as many boxes as you'd like. Here are several examples:

Brochure folding

For this tutorial, I will use size A5 (half A4) in landscape mode. You can set this easily by right-clicking inside the drawing area and selecting Page Properties.

Page editor brochure size

Selecting the background

Once the decision for the size of the diagram is taken, it's time to decide what background you'd like to use. With MyDraw opportunities are endless: background image, a huge variety of hatch styles, simple gradients, radial gradients, advanced gradients, and simple colors. Here's a preview only of the Advanced gradient and some of the predefined styles you will find in MyDraw.

Advanced gradient fill

For this specific tutorial, we will apply an image background fill, as many of the templates within our Gallery.

* When adding an image, don't forget to select the Embed box: otherwise if you send the file to someone else afterward, they may not be able to see the image.

Creating the layout: text, titles, additional elements

Adding the elements of the brochure in MyDrawis extremely easy. Simply navigate to the library browser (on the left side of MyDraw), select a shape and drag it inside the drawing area. You can modify every aspect of the shapes until you are satisfied with the results. Here's a preview of a quickly designed brochure:

Brochure sample

Looking for inspiration?

If you're feeling stuck, head off to our Templates: you will find lots of fresh and modern designs that you can edit freely to match your demands.