This is an Idea Wheel template to help students pass the creative block. It can be used in brainstorming group sessions or as a worksheet to inspire procrastination. The template is customizable with a few drags and drops in MyDraw.

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Idea Wheel

What is an Ideal Wheel?

The Idea Wheel is another type of graphic organizer that helps the brainstorming process. The shape is a combination of a spider map and a circle map. The process starts by putting the main idea in a small circle and around it, you can create other circles or shapes to segment your concept.

How to use an Idea Wheel for an essay or class assignment?

Sometimes writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper can be as challenging as lifting 100 kilos or running 100 km. Most students of all ages have difficulty expressing their idea.

There are a lot of well-known suggestions to pass the creative block, some of which are making a list, writing uninterrupted for 3-5 minutes, and using worksheets that help corral ideas into a logical process. A more innovative way is to use graphic organizers and diagramming software to pass this stage and assist students or teachers in their writing.

The Idea Wheel can be used when you are trying to generate ideas for topics like an essay. This type of organizer can help teachers with a student that says they have nothing to write. The idea here is to give the student four broad categories at the beginning. Then narrow it down to one and start organizing his thoughts and have a more clear idea of the main subject.

3 reasons to use an Ideal Wheel for your studies

  • Provides a depth of understanding- helps students understand complicated learning material. Also, the combination of graphic elements along with reading material provides a visual perspective to your students.
  • Improves comprehension for All Students – teachers face challenges in creating a learning material that can be understood by everyone in the class. On this occasion, graphic organizers come as a handy tool that simplifies the learning process for everyone.
  • Increases engagement – a lot of text material and no images is scary for most of the students. This is why attractive visuals help them engage, stay focused, and process information faster.

And what better way to stop the creative block than by using diagramming software, such as MyDraw to help you quickly and effectively organize your thoughts?

How to create an Idea Wheel in MyDraw?

  1. Edit the ready-made template or Open a “Blank Drawing” file to create your own.
  2. From Library Gallery> ClipArt select the respective folder you would like to use.
  3. From Library Gallery use the search library to find more shapes, suitable for your template.
  4. Once you have checked and marked the shapes they will be loaded on the left side of your drawing panel.
  5. Drag and drop the shapes you would like to use into the drawing.
  6. Use the connector tools to arrange your diagram.
  7. To add fill you can edit the Geometry Fill and Stroke from the Ribbon.
  8. In the Ribbon, you can select the Design tab to choose from a variety of shape styles and theme colors.
  9. Save the document in one of MyDraw’s native formats or export it in a preferred file format( PDF, SVG, EMF, VSDX, etc.).
  10. You can also export the document as a raster image.