How to revoke MyDraw license

How to revoke MyDraw license

Revoke or Transfer MyDraw license

With the licensing policy of MyDraw you are free to work on any computer comfortable for you. Having a single license of MyDraw allows you to start a project on your working machine and continue it on your personal laptop without asking you to purchase a second license. All you need to do is deactivate the license from the machine you won’t need it on and activate it on the machine you desire to continue using it.

Here is a step by step guide on how to deactivate MyDraw license so you can activate it on a different machine* later on.

  • Start MyDraw and create a Blank Drawing drawing.

  • Activating My Draw Step 1

  • Click the File menu and select About

  • My Draw Deactivating License Step 2

  • This will open the About dialog. Press Log into MyDraw Account ... and enter the details of your account and press the Log in button. Then press the Deactivate from MyDraw Account.

  • My Draw Deactivating License Step 3

  • In the end you need to restart (close and reopen) MyDraw for the changes to take effect.

  • My Draw Deactivating License Step 4

Once your license is deactivated you can activate it on a different computer by following the same activation process as before.

*After version 4.0.0 MyDraw allows you to deactivate your license and activate is on a different machine using any of both supported operation systems (Windows and MacOS).

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