Small Office Evacuation Plan Template

This is a free Small Office Evacuation Plan template that is designed for workplace emergency plan procedures, to respond quickly and effectively in disasters, and to safely evacuate the workers from the building. The template is a 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

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Small Office Evacuation Plan

Successfully carrying out an emergency evacuation requires teamwork and flexibility, in addition to a well-constructed plan.

How to prepare an Evacuation plan for your office?

Here is a list of the main operations:

  • Designate an evacuation route.
  • Identify a location to meet after the evacuation.
  • Post the evacuation plan (including floor plan with locations of fire extinguishers).
  • Periodically inspect fire-suppression and extinguishing equipment.
  • Hold periodic evacuation drills.
  • Assemble an off-site necessity first aid kit.


Assigning responsibilities for key roles during a disaster evacuation will ensure that your evacuation plan runs smoothly. The main roles must include:

  • Evacuation Coordinator-Handles the checklist to ensure that all important steps are being managed.
  • Head checker- A headcount should be done before employees exit the building, and once again after everyone has convened at the designated off-site meeting point. The checker ensures that all office members are accounted for and no one is left behind.
  • Emergency first aid practitioner- Must have several office members on staff who are skilled in first aid. They will need to tend to any wounded until a licensed medic can arrive.
  • Alert manager- This office member who calls 911 to alert the police and fire department that a disaster has occurred, closes office fire doors, and turns off the gas lines if an earthquake has struck.

Tips for an Emergency

  • Plan and map routes.
  • Good communication system.
  • Tools and inspection.
  • Rehearse fire evacuation.
  • Follow-up and reporting.