Business Growth Template

This is a free Business Growth Timeline template to help your company map the key stages and phases it has to go through to take it to the next level. The template is a 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

Download Template:
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Business Growth

A good business plan is one that sets the course of a business lifespan. Every successful business runs on a constantly reviewed set of plans, which ensures that it continues to meet its needs. This also helps the business spot new measures for strategic growth.

After a review, key target areas are identified, then the business plan is revisited, and this becomes the milestone for the next iteration of the plan. A continuous business cycle enables the entrepreneur to maximize their chances of success.

How to project your business growth in MyDraw?

  • Open MyDraw and select the “Blank Drawing” template.
  • To choose a background, change page size, or select a theme, right click on the page and select” Page Properties”.
  • From the ribbon, select the “Design tab”, if you wish to choose a theme for your palette.
  • From the “Predefined library” select your shapes, drag and drop them on the page and arrange them as a tree structure.
  • Double click on the shape to type your text.
  • Navigate to the Home tab of the ribbon and use the Text section to change- size, font,fill,stroke.
  • To edit your text, right click on the shape and select “Shape Properties”. You can edit the width and height in the “Text block”, Resize mode and choose “Keep upward” to rotate your shape without your text changing its position.

Challenges at the growth stage

  • How to deal with increasing customers and revenues?
  • Streamlining operations.
  • How to deal with the market competition?
  • Increasing profit volume.