Why MyDraw?

Why My Draw 2
MyDraw has all the features to be your diagramming solution, including:
  • MyDraw is a desktop application – you don't need Internet or Browser to work with it.
  • Familiar user interface, inspired by Microsoft Office ®. You will start working with MyDraw in minutes.
  • Remarkable Microsoft Visio ® compatibility – open, edit and save Microsoft Visio ® drawings and stencils.
  • Numerous shapes for diverse business, scientific, home and educational diagramming scenarios.
  • Hundreds of templates available to accelerate your start, whatever diagram you need to make.
  • Advanced drawing and formatting tools to help you create visually stunning diagrams.
  • Advanced automatic layouts to help you arrange your diagram perfectly.
  • Printing and export to various vector and raster formats (PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.).
  • Works in many languages - English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese etc.
  • MyDraw is affordable and is sold with a perpetual license.

Famous Clients

Bank of America Corporation
Hewlett Packard
Exxon Mobil

Customers Quotes

QUOTE I was looking for a Mac alternative to Visio and discovered MyDraw. It worked perfectly!

I like that it has good functionality at a great price. When I changed computers and had a license question, I received an email from a real person! Their customer service is unbelievably good. Any time I've written with a question, I have received a quick, personal reply!

I needed to create a somewhat complex flow chart and would have used Visio, but I now have a Mac, so Visio wasn't an option. Happily, I was able to complete that project (and others since) using this software.

MyDraw for Mac user