Workflow Diagram

Workflow Diagram

Workflow diagrams visualize the steps of a work process completed either by people or machines. The main purpose of workflow diagrams is to help both teams, and systems avoid mistakes, as well as crystallize workflow processes to improve performance.

What are the workflow diagrams used for?

Workflow diagram: general business use

Workflow diagrams are often used when describing an existing process within a company or an organization to improve it, or sometimes - completely re-designing the steps. If, for example, a company receives many complaints of the speed of services, the responsible manager can use a workflow diagram to visualize what happens when a customer's request (order) is received. When the information is visualized it is then much easier to see which steps of the process can be eliminated or speeded up to receive better customer feedback.

Support Call Process Flowchart

Workflow diagram: software development

Another domain that often uses the advantages of the workflow diagram is the software industry. Whether an online purchasing process needs to be designed or a more complicated application, the software developer can sketch each stage of the process before beginning. This can help eliminate the possibility of errors and ensure that the application is user friendly.

Software Installation Process Flowchart

Workflow diagram: uses in HR

Workflow diagrams are widely used in Human Resources departments for many purposes, including evaluating new candidates, assessing the performance of employees, and many others. This is a sample HR workflow diagram, describing the evaluation of staffing needs and the process of recruiting new candidates within, and outside the organization.

Hiring Process Flowchart

Workflow diagram: uses in finance departments

Workflow diagrams have widespread use in financial departments for both internal needs, and when the finance director of the company needs to provide instructions to other departments. The example below demonstrates only one of these uses, describing the process of receiving an order paid via a credit card.

Credit Card Order Process Flowchart

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