The Essentials of Fire Template

This is The Essentials of Fire template that presents a fire triangle graph suitable for learners in high school. The template is customizable with a few drags and drops in MyDraw.

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Essentials of Fire

The fire triangle consists of oxygen, fuel, and heat. For a fire to occur at any location the three components have to be present, as each has equal importance. And did you know that the fire danger rating for each day is based on science and chemistry?

Air- any surface trying to burn needs Oxygen to ignite.

Fuel- the most common type of fuel is wood. Combined with heat and oxygen fuel should ignite.

Heat- heat provided by the smaller fuel should allow the item to ignite.

Some interesting facts about the fire essentials

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that releases a lot of energy.

The heat from a fire may supply sufficient power to continue the process.

In most occasions, combustion does not end in flame.

Combustion is not in all cases equal to fire.

Take away any of the 3 parts of the fire triangle and it will stop.

How to make a basic template for the Essentials of Fire in MyDraw?

  1. Edit the ready-made template or open a “Blank Drawing” file to create your own.
  2. When you open a document in MyDraw a set of Basic and Connector shapes are loaded. You can choose from them and make the template.
  3. Also, from Library Gallery> ClipArt, you can select and browse through a variety of shapes you would like to use.
  4. From Library Gallery use the search library to find more shapes, suitable for your template.
  5. Once you have checked and marked the shapes, they will be loaded on the left side of your drawing panel.
  6. Drag and drop the shapes you would like to use into the drawing.
  7. Use the connector tools to arrange your diagram.
  8. To add fill, you can edit the Geometry Fill and Stroke from the Ribbon.
  9. In the Ribbon, you can select the Design tab to choose from a variety of shape styles and theme colors.
  10. Save the document in one of MyDraw’s native formats or export it in a preferred file format (PDF, SVG, EMF, VSDX, etc.).
  11. You can also export the document as a raster image.