Human Eye Anatomy Template

This is a Human Eye Anatomy template with labels that explains the structure of the human eye and is a great poster for an Anatomy class. The template is customizable with a few drags and drops in MyDraw.

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Human Eye Anatomy

Eye Outside the Eyeball

The Surface of the Eye- layers of the tear film keep the front of the eye lubricated.

The Front of the Eye- the muscles of the iris, widen or narrow the pupil to control the amount of light that reaches the back of the eye.

The Back of the Eye- the photoreceptors change the light into energy that is transmitted to the brain.

Did you know that?

Humans have two eye visions and not one.

Humans have a horizontal field of view of about 1500 with one eye and about 1800 with both eyes.

Our eyes are like cameras that capture colorful images in seconds, which are processed by our brains as messages.

Each eye can see slightly different images.

If you close one eye and the world looks flat-two-dimensional.

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