This is a BPM Swimlane Flow Diagram template that presents the stages of an online shopping process. This swimlane process map is editable and can be used for different occasions for making an online purchase. The template is 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

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BPMSwimlane Flow

Shipment of a physical product involves the process from placing the order to transporting the product to the client. There are also third-party companies involved (courier firms), especially if you are shipping internationally.

By creating a Shipping Process Swimlane diagram with diagramming software, such as MyDraw the involved parties can easily and securely manage the process while improving communication within the team.

The shipping process can be broken down into three primary stages:

  • Receiving the order
  • Processing the order
  • Fulfilling the order

How to check the status of my order?

In general, by placing the order on the online shop the consumer chooses the type of delivery service. Once the package is approved by the manufacturer and sent to the courier the buyer receives a tracking number and link to check its status of delivery.

How to return a product?

Writing the Return policy has its techniques and points to include to protect the business's rights and provide a good customer experience. The policy provides guidelines and rules to be followed by the consumer while minimizing the financial losses for the company by damaged goods. Normally the time range in which is acceptable to return an item is 15-30 days.

There are a few points to consider before writing the return policy

  • The timeframe in which is acceptable to return an item.
  • The condition of the product.
  • Provide steps for the buyer to follow, such as the courier service, document to fill in, and response time.
  • Point out any fees and taxes applied.

Cost of shipment

The price is calculated based on the type of product, weight, and size(length). To simplify the process and provide useful information to the buyer, most courier companies have an online calculator.

To which countries can the product be shipped?

Depending on the business's niche and location, the owner(manufacturer) calculates an estimated amount to cover the transportation of products, cost for partnership with logistics services, and shipping restrictions. It is useful to include a list of authorized partners in the geographical regions. The seller must research the fees, taxes, and regulations for the specific countries in which would like to operate.

Types of shipping

Free shipping- this is a sales tactic used by retailers to motivate buyers to make a purchase. It mainly targets consumers who purchase frequently online. By offering an incentive on the order, it is more likely for the consumer to place the order. Another tactic is to get a cashback % on the order or collect points to use with the next purchase. Then the consumer turns into a paying customer, as there is a value-added.

International shipping- every country has its regulations and taxes applied to the different kinds of consumer goods. Best practices show that it is recommendable to work with an experienced firm in the field, to reduce the cost of the shipment and offer you their know-how.

Fast shipping- varies based on the standard shipping time of the courier. Expedited shipping is normally overnight or in 2 days. There is also an extra cost to the service.

Shipping Insurance

This type of insurance is a protective and financial measure that covers, in general theft, damage of goods, unexpected loss, or inappropriate handling until the item reaches its destination. Shipping insurance is advisable when sending valuable items, as it covers the shipped item above the declared value. The coverage varies based on the shipping insurance policy, chosen by the carrier or third-party service.

Shipping insurance is used mostly beneficial by e-commerce stores, international shipments, manufacturers, or distributors that send out/ receive items of high volume and high value.

There are different types of shipping insurance for buyers and sellers. The main differentiation is that the reimbursement for the buyer is through a refund for their purchase. Whereas the seller is usually by a shipment carrier or a third-party insurance agency.

Best time to cover your package

  • For international deliveries.
  • For luxury or branded items.
  • For art pieces, jewelry, and fragile items.
  • For electronics.
  • Especially during Holiday season sales, Bank holidays, and Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.

Cost of shipping insurance

Most of the companies offer insurance for 1-4% of the package value. If you are a loyal customer (use the service, purchase frequently from the provider) or business you may look for a customizable plan to opt-in for a certain period.

Watch out for unsecured websites, customer reviews, and fake advertising.

Benefits of choosing to buy shipping insurance

  • Your business will build a good image and provide better customer service.
  • If you are a client or business it will reduce the cost and risk of losing the item.
  • You will deal with less paperwork, as the shipping insurance policy covers all shipments within a period.