Software Service Process Template

This is a Software Service Process Swimlane diagram template that shows the development process, case studies of reporting a technical issue, and escalation procedure to the technical department. The template presents the data flow and checks between departments to complete the order. The template is 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

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Software Service Process Swimlane

The software support technician is responsible for handling different types of application issues, diagnosing system failures, and writing resolution report for reference.

The technicians must know on a deep level the system's infrastructure and interface to immediately diagnose malfunctions and identify maintenance techniques. This will prevent future case scenarios of downtimes and delays. Software support technicians work closely with the system engineers in the configuration and optimization of networks, installation of upgrades, and patch updates.

When to reach technical support for a software/service/application?

As an end-user of software, you will sometimes need additional help with a technical issue. In a situation in which troubleshooting steps or simple guidelines in the help documentation do not resolve your inquiry, it is better to contact technical support.

In the first point of contact, the support will need you to briefly describe your issue. If the information is not full, they might ask for you to perform some quick actions, share the screen, and answer any additional questions.

Once the information is gathered they will raise a ticket in their system to the respective department. The technical support might reach out via phone call or email to request a native file or some screenshots, video, etc.

After tests are performed in software/application and resolution is provided, you will be notified by technical support. Firstly, the support will gain the information internally and guide you on how to run the software smoothly.

Getting Feedback

In today’s modern area and digital reality, businesses more than ever strive to provide good, fast support to their clients. The main goal is to have satisfied customers, which will drive new sales.

Gathering feedback and requesting information from your clients is crucial for any company. This is why when you receive the support they will most likely contact you over time to seek information on how to better their service, product, and support.