Growth Measurement Infographic Template

This is a free Growth Measurement infographic template that any business can use to indicate the company’s position on the market, make comparison analysis, or annual performance/percentage rate. The template is a 100% customizable and you can edit every aspect of it with a few simple clicks in MyDraw.

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Growth Measurement Infographic

Market growth is the increase in the size of a market. The market may be for a single product, a product line, or an entire industry. Market growth is typically expressed as an annual percentage rate. Comparing your company’s growth to the market growth rate provides a critical measure of performance.

How to determine measurement growth?

  1. Define the market you want to measure.
  2. Select the period you want to cover.
  3. Assess your customer base and determine whether that has increased.
  4. Compute revenue growth.
  5. Calculate workforce growth.
  6. Find your market share growth.

Calculating Value Growth

  1. Calculate the company's book value.
  2. Measure market capitalization.
  3. Find cash flow growth.
  4. Calculate the price/earnings (PE) ratio.

Estimating the market size is the first step in determining if an investment is going to generate an acceptable rate of return. A company planning to launch a new product in an existing market or expand into a new geographic one needs to know the potential market size to determine the minimum it must invest in sales and support staff to gain market share.

  1. Define your target customer profile.
  2. Calculate the number of potential customers.
  3. Find the average annual consumption per potential customer.
  4. Determine an average selling price, which depends on your product positioning strategy.
  5. Multiply the number of potential customers by the average selling price and the average annual consumption to calculate the estimated market size.