Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates /also called gift vouchers and gift cards/ are a fantastic way to either provide a little something extra to your customers or to allow them to send a present to someone. This method is used via nearly every large company, including, but not limited to, Amazon, Gap, Disney, Verizon, Kmart, Pottery Barn, etc.

Types of gift certificates

Gift certificates can be two types: the ones you provide as an additional incentive to your customers when they purchase an item or a service from you, or the ones which a customer can purchase as a present for someone else.

Typical gift certificate sizes

Although there's no strict industry standard when it comes to gift certificates, the following three sizes are the most commonly used ones:
  • 2" x 3.5" (5cm x 8.5cm)
  • 4" x 9" (10cm x 22cm)
  • 2.5" x 7" (6.5cm x 18cm)
If you'll be printing the gift certificates on your office printer we recommend the last size option - it allows you to fit 4 gift certificates on one standard A4 page.

Classic Frame Gift Certificate

How to design a gift certificate?

Designing a gift certificate is an easy task and should not require design skills. Unless you have an in-house graphic designer, you can do this by yourself. Here are the several must-have fields in your gift certificate:
  • Your logo: a must-have part of the gift certificate;
  • Address: so your customers don't need to wonder where is the location they can take advantage of the certificate;
  • Recipient's name: if the gift certificate is available to a specific person, leave space to enter her/his name;
  • Giver's name: if the gift certificate will be purchased from one customer for another one, leave room for the giver to fill in his name;
  • Validity: make sure the customers know until when they can take advantage of the gift certificate;
  • Amount/Service/Product: a field which includes detailed information about what the customer is entitled to with this certificate;
  • Authorized signature: if applicable, leave room for an authorized signature.

Need inspiration?

If you need an inspiration for your gift certificates check out our templates below. Additionally, you can use the Mail Merge functionality with MyDraw to create gift certificates in bulk if necessary.