Business Card

Business Cards

The business card is one of the most important accessories of the modern person. Although we live in the digital age, business cards are still the most widely used form of contact exchange and a vital tool for any business meeting or networking event.

Designing a business card, however, is not an easy task. The incredible number of template designs online seems to only make it harder to choose, and although it would be easier to get something ready-made most people prefer to design their business cards alone. Then they face the next challenge: designers will only offer a limited number of unique designs and be hesitant when asked to make changes.

Hatch Style Business Card

How can MyDraw help you design your business card easily?

MyDraw is easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to draw without having to go through extensive design training. It comes with a very large set of shapes, each of one completely modifiable, and endless creative features. When working with MyDraw you don't need to worry about the settings of your document and wonder if it will be suitable for printing: anything you create can be exported in high resolution with two clicks of the mouse!

Functionality which will make designing a business card easy

MyDraw comes with a set of features that cover anything you need to design the perfect business card. Here's only a small list of all the features that can turn you into a professional designer in no time:
  • A large set of predefined shapes: MyDraw comes with a huge set of shapes to add effects to your business cards;
  • Transparency on every level: add different transparency level to shape and the shape's line (a functionality not present even in advanced graphic design software);
  • Advanced fill & stroke effects: hatch, colors, several types of gradients - there's nothing you can't achieve with these styles;
  • Image grad and drop: - just drag the pictures from your folder directly in MyDraw - it's as simple as that.

A set of advanced, stylish templates

MyDraw comes with a set of stylish templates which you can modify to match your preferences. Whether you need a classical design, emphasizing the high standards of your company's products, or you need a modern design highlighting your presence on social media - you'll find a match. All templates have the front and back design of a business card, editable areas for the company and person's name and contact details, logo placeholder and more.

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