The main purpose of the newsletter is to introduce a summary of the important information you'd like your customers to have. Depending on their target audience, newsletters can be printed and distributed via regular mail, sent as an attachment, emailed directly, or published on a website. Regardless of the distribution method, there are several ways to enhance your newsletters and make them more appealing to their receivers.

Best practices for creating a newsletter

While there are no strict rules for creating a newsletter, here you will find some tips which can help you increase readership and potentially your customer base. Don't forget that once people sign up for a newsletter, they've already opened the door for you - all you have to do is make sure you impress them enough for them to allow you in their lives.

Business Newsletter

1. Don't sell

Many companies forget that newsletters are not a sales tool - their only goal is and should remain to inform. Even if you're holding a sale and you'd like to let your newsletter subscribers know about it, the only thing you should inform them about is the promotion conditions. This is not the time to convince them in the amazingness of the product - if they've signed up for a newsletter they likely know it already.

2. Simplify, simplify, simplify

Your newsletter will perhaps include several topics, so make sure you simplify it as much as possible. As tempting as it may be, sending out large chunks of information may do more harm than good. In busy times, we all live in most people quickly toss things that seem overwhelming. You certainly don't want your newsletter to be found in the garbage (the virtual or the actual one).

3. Pick the right images

It's a well-known fact that visually presented information is insuring higher engagement rates. Nonetheless, it's crucial that the theme of the images isn't misleading and describes visually exactly what you're saying in the text which accompanies it. Misleading images are perceived as fraudulent and can make your newsletters (or even worse - your company) seem shady.

Additionally, the images used in your newsletter should match the overall visual presentation style of your company. This will make it easier for the recipients to tell you apart from any other company which may flood their mail box.

4. Don't forget the vital information

While trying to craft the perfect newsletter it's easy to forget some of the most important information, assuming the reader will decide to check further and will either enter your website or call. Don't do this mistake. If you're spreading the word regarding a sale, do mention the most important things such as the address, working hours, the duration of the promotion, and if possible - a web link. The core goal is to make sure that the recipient will be able to make a decision based on the information you've provided which won't require an additional effort on her/his side.

5. Name the newsletter properly

One of the hardest things to do is also the most important one: naming the newsletter. Whether you send it over email or deliver it to your clients' mailboxes, the title will set their expectations for the rest of the text they'll find inside. The best way to name it is to craft a "one breath sentence" for the title, which provides a summary of the newsletter and tickles the person's curiousity without misleading her/him.


Writing a newsletter is a creative task which may be overwhelming if you're lacking the right tools. MyDraw can help you create a visually appealing newsletter even if you have no background in design. Have a look at the templates we're offering. Each one of them can be fully customized to match your personal style and demands.