Certificates are a valuable tool, helping educational institutions, companies, and others to show recognition of the qualities and/or effort of an individual or a group of people. Certificates are most commonly provided for a completed course of study or professional training; for exceptional achievements; for a valuable contribution in a field of study or work; as well as for participation, dedication, or completion.

In some cases, certificates are awarded to people for their leadership skills, their outstanding performance, or their contribution to a charity.

The standards for designing a certificate

Although there are no strict rules when it comes to designing certificates, some components are accepted as standard. This includes a large field for the name of the awardee in the middle of the certificate, a large heading describing the general award purpose, date field, and the name of the person or institution which awards that certificate. A signature line for the director of the institution (or the appropriate individual to grant the certificate) is also very common.

How does MyDraw make designing certificates easy?

Honor Student Award Certificate

MyDraw was designed with a huge set of functions, which come in handy whether you're drawing a diagram, designing a brochure or a certificate. Here's a list of just a few of the features which will help you design a beautiful certificate in no time.
  • A large set of predefined shapes: MyDraw comes with a huge set of shapes to add effects to your certificates;
  • Transparency on every level: add different transparency level to a shape and the shape's line (a functionality not present even in advanced graphic design software);
  • Advanced fill & stroke effects: hatch, colors, several types of gradients - there's nothing you can't achieve with these styles;
  • Image drag and drop: just drag the pictures from your folder directly in MyDraw - it's as simple as that.

A set of advanced, stylish templates

To make certificate design easier for you we've created a collection of 16 certificates and awards, each completely customizable. Browse our template library for inspiration or take any certificate, fill in your data and print it - all templates are free.

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