The flyer (also called flier, circular, handbill, pamphlet, poster, lit, or leaflet) is a form of paper advertising usually of a shop or an event. Most commonly flyers are handled by a representative of the company or sent via mail. Although digital advertising is slowly taking over the market, flyers are still widely used across the world.

Flyers/leaflets are used for spreading the word about a new shop, the information in touristic areas, advertising an event, announcing discounts in stores, etc. Their purpose is to reach a maximum number of people which is why flyers are usually printed in large quantities. In modern days leaflets are perhaps one of the cheapest and most effective forms of direct marketing.

Why design your flyers with MyDraw?

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With flyers costing next to nothing to print in bulk, many people don't enjoy the idea of paying a designer to create the layout. On the other hand, using professional design software is both expensive and difficult. It takes months, sometimes years, to learn how to use even the most basic features of programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and others. And while some widely spread programs (like Microsoft Word, Paint, etc) might be easy to use, they simply cannot generate a file that you can send to your printer.

This is where MyDraw comes to save the day. MyDraw is easy to use, intuitive, rich in functionality, and best of all: it can create a wonderful, print-ready file.

Functionality perfect for designing flyers

MyDraw makes designing flyers very easy: it comes packed with rich functionality at your fingertips. Here's a list of only some of the functions which will make designing flyers a piece of cake:
  • Lots of shapes: MyDraw comes with a huge set of shapes which you can easily drag into your drawing area;
  • Transparency everywhere: add different transparency level to a shape and the shape's line or to a letter and the letter's outline;
  • Advanced fill & stroke effects: hatch, colors, several types of gradients - anything you can imagine, you can achieve with MyDraw ;
  • Image drag and drop: just drag the pictures from your folder directly in MyDraw - it's as simple as that.

Ready-made templates

If you've lost your creative flow, there's nothing to worry about! Visit the Templates section and choose any design: they're all easy to modify and completely free to use.

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